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Reduced Light Pollution Helps Hatchlings find the sea

Coastal home & condo owners are being asked to tone down their lighting

There is a new window film that changes the wavelength of the light from interior sources as it passes through the film to be nearly invisible to the turtles.

Studies have shown that in areas where residents took precautions that sea turtle hatchlings were more successful

A light coating of Ultra-Vision 40 is usually all that is required. It is a medium dark grey. It is barely noticable but it does block a significant amount of heat.

Window film can help you qualify for more LEED points.

With improved comfort, appearance and performance, your property value may even improve. Window film pays for itself in several ways:

Sun Control

  • Lower Energy Demand & Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce Power Bill & Equipment Usage
  • Reduce Glare
  • Increase Comfort for Tennants & Employees

  • Safety & Security

  • High tensile strength films keep broken glass together in frame
  • Reduce Risk of damage and injury.
  • Available in Clear, Standard Sun Control or Advanced Ceramic
  • May qualify for reduced insurance premiums

  • View Control

  • Privacy
  • Light Difusion & patterns
  • Decorative Films

  • LEED

  • Lower Energy Demand
  • Increase Soft Asset Life & reduce emissions (VOC)
  • Reduce Light Pollution

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