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Q: How dark is it?

A: We Measure "darkness" with visible light transmission or VLT. Clear glass allows about 95% of the light in. Films range from clear (99% VLT) to dark (5% VLT). Are there different shades or colors?

A: Most products are available in Light, Medium & Dark. Some are extra light or extra dark.

A2: Products are available in different colors as well.

Q: Are some films lighter than others?

A: Yes, each product line has "light, medium, and dark".

Infra-Red and Nano-Ceramic films are perfect choices for people that don't want dark windows but want to keep heat and UV out. Our eyes adjust, so "darkness" is subjective.

Q: What is "VLT"?

A: We measure the lightness or darkness with a Visible Light Transmission percentage. Clear is 100% and blackout is 0%. At a 40% VLT or higher, most people barely notice the change. Remember: Darkness does not directly correlate to heat efficiency.

Other things we think are important

We Select Our Products from top ISO 9001 rated manufacturers.

We select based on clarity, view, color, performance efficiency and longevity. All of our products have less than 1% UV transferred, a tough scratch resistant coating, and a manufacturers 10/12/Lifetime Warranty*.


Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


Allow to “cure” for 30 days. Clean with mild cleaning solution of water, glass cleaner and 2 drops dish soap. Use a squeegee or paper towels. We recommend Bounty. The film has a tough Scratch Resistant coating that can withstand years of regular cleaning.


Some 8 mil installations will be eligible for a discount on your premium or qualify you for stepped up coverage. Check with your insurance agent. Most of our 8 mil films attached to a commercial type frame pass Miami Dade Small Missile Impact test and withstand the equivalent of 190 MPH. Window film has been proven as a means of reducing damage. Broken glass panes do not need to be replaced immediately.


Better quality films have a hard coat or scratch resistant coating that resists scratching from regular cleaning and even paws from small dogs. We can add a layer of protection with Graffitti Gard film in areas of high traffic. Graffitti Gard is easily removed and replaced.


True temperature change depends on many factors but we can honestly say that 10, 15 even 20 degrees is not unusual. If reducing cooling cost and reducing heat are your goals, make sure to compare the Shading Coefficient of the product you are considering. The lower the better. There is a trade off of light for heat reduction. The highest reflecting commercial grade films are relatively dark and this makes them ideal for commercial installations where there is lots of glass panels transferring loads of heat. An energy analysis is available to corporate customers. Window film can help balance the load on the A/C system.


We can easily achieve daytime privacy with a medium or dark reflective film. Nighttime privacy is very difficult as light will shine through the film even if very dark. A one way mirror effect can be achieved with proper lighting and angle of the glass.

Does window film cut glare?

Window films of all VLT's reduce glare by eliminating the bright reflection of the sun off of reflective surfaces. Reduced glare can lessen eye strain, increase attention span and productivity.

How Dark is It?

As dark or light as you want it. We measure lightness and darkness with Visible Light Transmission or VLT. Lower is dark and higher is light. We urge you to look at samples. Very light is a 70 to 60% VLT. Your eyes barely notice this change. 50 to 35% VLT is medium and our best selling range in the sun belt. Not too dark but dark enough. 20% and lower is dark with 5% (limo) the darkest. Remember that your eyes adjust rapidly so small samples look darker than when the whole window is treated.

Is It All The Same?

No, there are hundreds of products. Quality depends on the optical characteristics of the polyester substrate, the uniformity of the coatings and the longevity of the adhesive. Skimping on any component will produce a product that simply will not last long in the high heat and humidity environment of South Florida. For best quality use only first run, top name brand products.

People won't appreciate the simplicity and cost effectiveness of sun control window film until energy prices go up. In 20 years I never not had a customer "get it" only after seeing it first hand. The visual gets better and it feels like a cloud covered the sun. I know those are contrary but a light to medium tint improves your view. The energy savings with window film are obvious. The long term savings are incalculable.